MK-2866 (Ostarine)


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Ostarine also popularly known as MK 2866 is a selective androgen receptor module or SARM. Ostarine is a selective agonist, and it binds to the muscle and bone androgen receptors thereby preventing hair loss or prostate problems.

According to research done on animal test subjects, the steroid has shown an ability to affect the activities of androgen receptors. Androgen receptors stimulate the development of male characteristics. It does this by creating anabolic activity atandrogen receptors.

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Mechanism of Action
Ostarine binds to the muscle receptors causing a steroid-like muscle growth without any adverse side effects. When it binds to the androgen receptors on the bones and muscles, it causes anabolic activity which in turn results in the activation and up-regulation of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis occurs when the genes are activated and this is effective in muscle building. MK 2866 has a high affinity to receptors relating to muscles and bone secretion. Studies reveal that it elevates the level of muscular development and bone density in animal test subjects.

Boosts Muscle Density
Scientific studies show that MK 2866 can reverse the effects of muscle wasting. When it is injected on animal test subjects with defective muscles the steroid increase myoblastic differentiation, development, and maturity. Muscle atrophy is the decrease in muscle mass, and it is marked by complete or partial wasting away of muscles. The condition can lead to severe weakness because the muscles cannot contain the weight exerted on it. Muscle atrophy is a byproduct of many common diseases including cancer, autoimmune diseases, congestive heart failure, and renal failure among other diseases.

MK 2866 and Cachexia
Cachexia is a condition where the muscle is wasted and the subject experience excessive fatigue, involuntary weight loss, and weakness. Studies conducted on guinea pigs showed that MK 2866 could engage androgen receptors in the system and enhance the production of muscle mass through myoblastic differentiation and maturity. It is important to note that to counter the effects of muscle wasting the steroid has shown higher efficacy in animal test subjects. MK 2866 also provides a consistent level of homeostasis to the system reducing adverse effects of muscle atrophy.

MK 2866 and Osteoporosis
This study is currently underway. MK 2866 has shown potential benefit in increasing bone density. An increase in bone density is effective in reducing the effects of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that is characterized by a decrease in bone density and mass. This leads to an increased risk of bone-related issues such as breakage and fractures. According to studies done on mice with bone density problems when MK 2866 was administered the mice registered a rapid increase in calcium deposition and formation of new bone cells. Osteoclasts are bone cells that enhance the integrity of the bone, and it increases its activity as well as mobility.

Ostarine and Injuries
The selective androgen receptor has proven to be beneficial in promoting healing. This is important especially to the cells which are injured, and research indicated that it prevents injuries to the ligaments, bone, and tendons. An elevated level of testosterone is highly effective in preventing any injury.

Ostarine Dosage

MK 2866 is not suppressive in nature, and when administered on the test subject it could bring many potential benefits. The dosage administered without adverse side effects is 25 mg per day. You should begin with lower dosage as you move higher because this will help in acclimatizing of the body organs. Liver detoxification process depends on the amount of dose administered. Ostarine is available for research purposes only, and human consumption is not accepted. One main benefit of ostarine is that it does not aromatize into estrogen, so there are no on-cycle ancillaries required. Moreover, it is not hepatotoxic. When conducting research, it is important to monitor the reaction of the test subject. This way you can increase or reduce the dose administered to the animal test subject.

Potential Negative Side Effects of MK-2866
While the scientific research has shown that there are numerous benefits associated with MK 2866, there are also potential side effects that are associated with the peptide. The most common side effects of administration include nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and anemia. Studies done on animal subjects showed that the negative side effects are mild. Besides, there are more benefits than the side effects of the peptide.

While studies have been done on the operational mechanics of ostarine, potential benefits, potential risks and other findings that could help understand how the peptide works, it is considered to be in the research phase. Since the selective androgen is still under research any use pertaining, benefits, side effects should be done within the confines of a laboratory. This controlled area will help in identifying other features that could help in understanding ostarine more. Moreover, you should find a reputable peptide supplier to sell you the peptide. When you are able to track the synthesis of the peptide you will be able to know its potency and efficacy.