S4 (Andarine)


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Andarine, or what is commonly referred to as S4, is a selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM. The compound was developed by GTX Company. Like other SARMs, it is solely developed to combat muscle conditions that led to the loss of muscle functions, mass wasting, fatigue and other hypertrophy conditions. S4 is not as strong as YK-11, but it is largely effective in increasing lean muscle tissue and can accentuate production of new muscle cells.

The function of Andarine is located at the androgen receptors and unlike the anabolic androgenic steroid, the compound focuses on muscle and bone sites. The selective nature of S4 makes it one of the most studied peptides because it can accentuate the production of muscle cells without affecting other body organs.

When S4 binds, it alters gene expression, and increases anabolism by increasing protein synthesis. Unlike other androgens, Andarine is not converted into dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the body and does not aromatize.

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Aromatization is the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This makes Andarine one of the best SARM because of its and fewer side effects. It blocks DHT from binding to prostate receptor sites. Although it is ranked fourth in the most active SARMs and the compound is highly effective. Depending on your location, you can refer to Andarine as S4, S-4 and SARM 4. It is effective in boosting muscle growth and generation of new muscle cells.

Mechanism of action
It is important to understand that several compounds act on the AR. The first is antagonist which binds to the receptor and prevents its activation. The next is agonist binds to the receptor but allows other molecules to bind immediately. The last component is AR modulator, and this works by binding to the site and changing the structure to react in a certain way. This way, there is no other compound that will bind to the receptor. Andarine works by binding to AR. When this happens, it reacts with testosterone, and there is an up-regulation of genes that produce testosterone. When it binds to the molecule, more protein is produced, and this is highly effective in inducing muscle building. Apart from contributing to lean body mass, S4 can help the muscle improve efficiency and performance.

The behavior of Andarine is different compared to other androgen receptors, and it is vital to minimizing prostate weight. Andarine will bind to the ligand, and it will not elicit any androgenic action in the non-skeletal muscular tissues. S4 can attach up to 50% of the testosterone without causing any androgenic effect.

Effects of S4
The effects of Andarine can range from cutting to bulking in the test subject body transformation. S4 is not known to accentuate packing in lean muscle tissue, and the lean gains can be accentuated by regular stimulation or exercise. Andarine increases muscle strength because it promotes the movement of mitochondria to muscle and alleviating damaged mitochondria. In cutting research, Andarine is administered as a supplement to help boost the burning of fat. When more tissue is preserved, there will be stronger metabolism and the supplement will help boost the cutting process.

When you want to administer S4 to a test subject, it is important that you follow the prescribed dosage. You should start with 50 mg to 75 mg maximum. You should begin with lower dosages as you move higher. You can research for 12 weeks as you monitor the effects it has on the test subject. You can simply begin with 25 mg and move to higher dosages if you observe that the test subject has a higher tolerance to the dosage given. Do not administer a higher dosage right from the beginning because this could lead to liver failure or damage.

Potential benefits of S4
There are many benefits that can accrue from administering S4 onto the test subjects. One of the potential benefits is the ability to promote lean muscle and weight loss. This is effective because you can get rid of excess fat and gain lean muscles without any strenuous activity. Moreover, Andarine does not promote catabolism. It only leads to a hard lean appearance by removing excess fats in the muscles. Research studies showed that Andarine promotes muscle activity and this could aid in preventing hypertrophy.

Andarine side effects
It is important to note that before you conduct any research, you should take your time to understand the research done on the compound, benefits and side effects. Andarine is over 50% effective and the common side effect that you may experience include blurry vision, itching, redness, swelling, nausea among others. It is imperative to note that the side effects are usually associated with the dosage amount.

Estrogenic side effects of Andarine will not occur because the compound does not aromatize, water retention, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure should not appear because it is an active SARM.

Andarine does not have any androgenic effects, acne, virilization and hair loss could happen to the test subject, but it is not associated with the compound. The reason behind this is that it targets bone and muscles only.

Testosterone suppression
S4 is active, and it will cause suppression in the production of natural testosterone. However, when the dosage is reducing the normal amount of testosterone will resume.