SR 9009 (Stenabolic)


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SR9009 or Stenabolic is a PPAR alpha modifier drug that is under research, and it is classified as an agonist of Rev-ErbA. Dr. Burris of Scripps institute created the drug, and it is still in its developmental stages.

Recent studies revealed that it increases endurance and reduces mitochondrial damage. The drug has shown to be effective in boosting endurance during rigorous exercise on animal test subjects, and researchers believe that it could help individuals from illnesses that limit movements such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity, and congestive heart failure.

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How Stenabolic Works
Stenabolic formula facilitates various operations in the body. For this to occur, it binds itself to Rev-ErbA protein. This is an integral process in a biological system and it increases mitochondrial count in the muscles. When metabolism is enhanced, other processes follow suit causing enhanced muscle mass and reduced mass wasting. Mitochondrion is the energy powerhouse of the body and since the drug accentuates the increase of mitochondria in the muscles.

It helps increase muscle endurance and strength. Studies done on mice showed that after the administration of the peptide, there was 50% increase in the energy of the mice. This feature makes it one of the most effective and potent drugs that will enable the user to do more work with less effort. The concentration of mitochondria in the muscles is highly effective in generating a surge of energy.

The number of macrophages in the muscles is effective in alleviating any damaged mitochondria and replacing them with new ones. Consequently, in human body, the variation of metabolic rates increases energy expenditure and this could help enhance generation of lean muscles. The drug is effective in reducing the conversion of excess glucose to glycogen and gut which is usually stored in peripheral and visceral organs.

Essentially, this means that the test subject will assume a state of constant exercise even when resting. Enhanced metabolism is essential because it increases energy supply and reduces deposition of fats on the peripheral and visceral organs. Research done on guinea pigs showed that Stenabolic supplement activated Rev-Erba protein, bile acid and lipogenesis is reduced in the liver. Lipid oxidation is enhanced and synthesis of triglycerides is reduced significantly.

The studies revealed that the drug could be used in dealing with obesity because of its capability to promote metabolism. When less cholesterol is synthesized by the liver, more fat and glucose are burnt in the muscles and less fat will be stored in peripheral and visceral organs. In addition to weight loss category, Stenabolic is pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6 is reduced by over 70%. This is beneficial because the test subject will reduce inflammations within a short period.

Advantages of SR 9009
The synthetic Rev-ErbA ligand has numerous benefits to the body, hence administration of the drug will give you more benefits than side effects.

Weight Loss
According to research done on mice, Stenabolic is an effective supplement that boosts weigh loss. The mechanism of action is through promoting cell death. The drug will cut nutrient supply to the adipocytes or fat cells in the visceral, peripheral and muscle tissues.

When this happens, the cells will die off and they will be eradicated via normal ways of detoxification. The supplement affects fat-storing cells, glucose metabolism and, macrophages. When administered to the test subject, it will destroy all unwanted body fats and they will be converted into energy to be used in respiration and digestion.

Enhanced Muscle Strength
Enhancing muscle strength is beneficial when working out. Stenabolic is effective in promoting muscle strength. According to research done on mice, after administration, the test subjects showed an increase in strength when compared to placebo.

The product binds to Rev-ErbA protein and triggers numerous functions in the body. One of the main features is that it boosts the transfer of mitochondria to muscles.

Defective mitochondria are eliminated. When this happens, the muscles will have continuous renewed energy. Moreover, the supplement increases the number of macrophages and more energy is produced in the muscles.

Enhanced Endurance
SR 9009 is a leading product in the market for its potential benefit in boosting endurance. Endurance is the ability to withstand strenuous exercise regimen without wearing out the muscles. The supplement continues supply energy to the muscles and this means that the test subject can perform strenuous activities for long without wear out.

Measuring the energy input and output of test subjects showed that they maintained a high level of energy even after rigorous exercise.

Increased Metabolism
The supplement increases metabolism because of its ability to bind to Rev-ErbA protein. The product could trigger a wide array of activities in the body. Once the protein is activated, it will lead to improved metabolic processes and it will keep you away from any infections.

Moreover, it prevents the conversion of glucose to fats, therefore excess fat in the body is metabolized to produce energy.

Blood Sugar Regulation
The body requires moderate blood sugar level to perform optimally. For the body to maintain an optimal level of blood sugar, Stenabolic is effective in promoting metabolism and regulating glucose in the serum. In addition it reduces cholesterol, therefore the test subject will have a safe level of cholesterol.

Stenabolic supplement is for research purposes only and human consumption has not been approved. You should use lower dosage before moving to higher dosage as you monitor the effect on the test subject. At no point should you increase or overdose to get faster results.

The recommended dosage is from 10 mg to 30 mg a day. Depending on the desired results, you should monitor the reaction on the test subject to know its tolerance.

Potential Side Effects
There are no adverse side effects in using the supplement. However, common side effects include nausea, itching, redness and swelling on the injection site. If your test subject shows severe side effect, discontinue then repeat once it is has completely healed.