RAD 140 and its Anabolic and Weight Loss Properties

RAD 140 is a nonsteroidal compound that was developed to provide increased muscle mass and leaner muscle with better workout performance. Radius Health Company is credited with the creation of the compound, and they have worked hard to provide a compound with few side effects, unlike steroids. All studies that have been conducted on Testolone have been promising, and there is continued research to fully understand its efficacy and potency. The potential benefits of the compound are muscle building, increase in bone density, endurance, and fat loss. During the time of the research, mice that were administered with the RAD 140 showed a reduction in peripheral and visceral fats. Not only have there been therapeutic uses of the compound, it can help in many ways, such as the mice had better bones, stronger legs and better interaction with the environment.

Muscle cutting

When using Testolone, it is imperative to understand how it works in the body to cut through the muscles. The compounds promote loss of fat in the visceral organs. When the dose is increased, it showed an increased loss of fat in the muscle cells. However, there is a maximum concentration that the body can take. When this concentration reaches the maximum level, even with the addition of dosage, there will be no significant effect.

Using Testolone during cutting can help the test subject to get lean tissues gain when cutting. In addition, the compound minimizes catabolism. For bulking, RAD 140 is the best compound that you can use to research on how muscle cells reduce its fat and generates new cells. Testolone boosts overall workout performance. Studies done on mice indicated that the mice that were administered with the compound were more active than the placebo mice. This helped the test subjects reduce weight much faster without dieting, unlike the placebo mice.

Anabolic Properties of RAD-140

All the properties of Testolone have not yet been discovered because the SARM is still under research. There is information about the anabolic properties of the compound. Currently, RAD 140 is effective in treating cancer subjects to lose weight rapidly. The compound has a unique feature that is specific to certain tissues of the body which will boost cell division and its maturity to prevent mass wasting. Besides, Testolone does not have severe side effects on the test subject because it has a high affinity and specificity to receptors on the muscles and bones only. The high bioavailability of the compound and high anabolic properties make it one of the most sought-after SARM.


Cancer cachexia is a condition where the cancer patients have muscles that lose integrity, and this reduces the quality of life for the patient. Scientists are still testing RAD 140 compound on its ability to promote cell division, and muscle development without causing severe side effects on the test subject. Testosterone can stimulate muscle weight without any anabolic reaction occurring in the body. When the muscle is built, it will continue without emaciating, therefore, improving the condition of the patient. Additional research showed that RAD 140 promotes stimulation of seminal vesicles and this will increase the sperm count in the test subject.